Thank you,

Griffin School!

On behalf of NetWork Volunteers, our community partners, and the entire city, I want to thank you for volunteering your time, labor, and passion! It is volunteers, such as yourself, that help to build a sustainable support network for our community partners. We hope you learned a lot and had a great time. You certainly made an impact!


Teddy Nathan

Executive Director,

NetWork Volunteers

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Your Community Partners

Your community partners were thrilled to work with you and your group! We highly encourage you to stay involved with them! Please see the information below and don’t be shy! Our partners would love to hear from you.  

Galveston Bay Foundation

Cindy Wilems

Director of Education

1100 Hercules Avenue, Suite #200

Houston, TX 77058

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Kids Meals Houston

Caroline Jessee

Volunteer Coordinator

330 Garden Oaks

Houston, TX 77018

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Plant It Forward Farms

Rachel Folkerts

Farm Programs Manager

4030 Willowbend Blvd.

Houston, Texas 77025

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Your Feedback

We’d love to learn more about your volunteer experience! Your feedback will help us better serve future volunteers and, hopefully, help us spread the word to other volunteers who would like to support community organizations and possibly recruit more volunteers as well.


Please see the ways you can share your experience below. We welcome any and all feedback!

Connect with Us

Now that you’re officially a part of the NetWork Volunteers family, we hope you stay a part of our NetWork! You can continue to learn more about community organizations and various social issues we address.

We encourage you to tell your friends, colleagues, or family about the wonderful time you had volunteering!

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Undergoing Racism Community Organizing Workshop 

The People's Institute for Survival and Beyond

In our work with leaders, organizations, and networks, we have observed that the more we are able to connect to our deepest purpose (the core of who we are, what we are doing and why) and our “source” (knowing we are part of something larger than ourselves) and align with others in that spirit, Through dialogue, reflection, role-playing, strategic planning and presentations, this intensive process challenges participants to analyze the structures of power and privilege that hinder social equity and prepares them to be effective organizers for justice. greater chance we have of transformative energy and action.