Economic Impact

Volunteer Hours






A group of University of Houston students wanted to make the most of their spring break by spending time volunteering in and soaking up the culture of New Orleans.


NetWork Volunteers organized a variety of service and cultural activities for the group. We also arranged housing and recreational activities to give the students a taste of what life is like in New Orleans.

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Undergoing Racism Community Organizing Workshop 

The People's Institute for Survival and Beyond

In our work with leaders, organizations, and networks, we have observed that the more we are able to connect to our deepest purpose (the core of who we are, what we are doing and why) and our “source” (knowing we are part of something larger than ourselves) and align with others in that spirit, Through dialogue, reflection, role-playing, strategic planning and presentations, this intensive process challenges participants to analyze the structures of power and privilege that hinder social equity and prepares them to be effective organizers for justice. greater chance we have of transformative energy and action.