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Individual Impact Program

Our Individual Impact Program facilitates long-term customized volunteer experiences! Volunteers gain hands-on experience in the community and while also making a difference. 

Program Overview

Check out some quick facts about the program!

  • Start Dates:

    • This program runs year-round! Start dates or "Arrival Days" are every Sunday

  • Program Length:

    • Volunteers can choose to participate from anywhere between 1 week to 12 weeks.

  • Ages:

    • Volunteers must be 18 years or older

      • Volunteers age 14-17 can join the program but must be accompanied by a guardian (families are welcome!)

  • Program Fees:

    • Fees start at only $540 for 1 week! These fees are dependent on location and length of stay  

      • Includes: Housing, 24/7 On-Ground Support, Project Identification, Airport Pick-Up, Orientation Day, Continental Breakfast 

Here's How You Get Started!

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Our Locations

We have locations all across the Unites States, including Puerto Rico!
New Orleans, Louisiana
San Juan,
Puerto Rico
san diego.jpg
San Diego, California
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Our Community Project Focuses

We have a variety of projects for you to choose from!

Environmental Sustainability

As our world faces the effects of climate change, organizations dedicated to promoting environmental sustainability becomes more and more crucial. This project is perfect for those volunteers excited to support sustainable efforts.



Are you passionate about supporting our young people? This project works to help those organizations dedicated to providing safe spaces that promote learning and development for disadvantaged children and teens. 


Housing & Homelessness*

This project is perfect for volunteers who are not afraid to get their hands dirty! It entails revitalizing communities through helping to construct or renovate homes and buildings to benefit those who live there. 


Neighborhood Revitalization

Through this project, you’ll gain a greater understanding of the communities you work with. It is ideal for those hard-working volunteers who want to support low-income communities in any way they can.  


Capacity Building

Many nonprofits are understaffed and under-resourced. They need help with everything from basic administrative help, research, fundraising, and more! This project is ideal for volunteers who want to help build these organizations’ capacity.

*The Housing and Homelessness project is only available in New Orleans & requires an additional weekly $50 donation to the community organization

Program Duration

We accept volunteers year round!

Volunteers can choose to participate from anywhere between 1 week to 12 weeks*





Minimum participation in the program is 1 week

The program begins on Sundays and ends on Saturdays. The first Monday after your arrival is Orientation Day!


Arrival Day!

Departure Day

Orientation Day

Volunteer Day

Volunteer Day

Volunteer Day

Volunteer Day

Volunteers can typically expect to volunteer for between 3-5 hours on week days. Of course, this is dependent on the community partner's needs but we promise you'll have plenty of time to explore your chosen city!

*Minimum participation is 1 week


"Absolutely amazing project. I would definitely recommend it! I definitely felt like I made a difference within the local community, my only complaint is I wish I could’ve stayed longer to volunteer more! The people at the volunteer projects and the local community were so grateful for our help and also our time. The accommodation hosts offered us great food and were always happy to provide for us! They were so lovely. Perfect hosts!"

Bethany McComb

Age: 20

Location: New Orleans

Project: Community Development

Benefits & Resources

  • Improve character and value systems

  • Improve the understanding of important social issues

  • Create communal connections and learn about new places

  • Improves social skills and understanding

  • Develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills

  • Gain hands-on experience

  • Network with volunteers from all over the world

Impact to Date

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Total philanthropic impact

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Community partners supported

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Volunteer hours completed

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Volunteers worked with

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