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Reports and Articles

Please see the resources below that highlight the variety of benefits of volunteering!


Project Helping

Explains corporate social responsibility and provides some data about how volunteering improves the workplace.

United Health Group

Summarizes a study that found that volunteering not only improves employees' personal health but also employers' health.

America's Charities

Section on volunteering and pro bono statistics: 82% of surveyed employees want volunteer projects, and 92% of human resources respondents say volunteering improves employee relationships.


Volunteering increases empolyee recruitment, engagement, and the company's ROI.

Center for Economic and Policy Research

An analysis examining volunteering as a pathway to employment and other logistics.

Deloitte US

A survey report of volunteering benefits for resume building, teambuilding, and skill building.

America's Charities

Highlights that businesses lose money by replacing staff, and that volunteering improves work skills and ethic, which therefore increases employee retention.


The Wall Street Journal

How volunteering helps individuals in either advancing in the workplace or developing a new skill.

Huffington Post

Volunteering improves workplace morale by improving productivity, pride, gratitude, and ethics.


Three ways volunteering benefits workplace team building: group achievement, corporate social responsibility, and experiences outside the workplace.

Business News Daily

Highlights and includes a study that reveals that employers who encourage and promote volunteering boost morale, workplace atmosphere, and brand preception.

Next Avenue

How volunteering can help you get the job or gain the skills to do so.

The Balance

Proven benefits of volunteering through studies & research.


Documented studies and benefits of volunteering from credited professionals.

Business 4 Better

Includes top companies' perspectives and statistics on the turn of having employees volunteer.

The New York Times

An easy read. How volunteering helps individuals in either advancing in the workplace or developing a new skill.


Explains how volunteering benefits companies by expanding empolyee work skills, including increased collaboration, self-awareness, and employee retention.

Help Guide

How volunteering makes you healthier and happier. How to get the most from your volunteering experience.


Younger people are more attracted to companies that have corporate social responsibility programs.

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