Individual Impact Program

Thank you for applying to the Individual Impact Program! 

Volunteers like you are essential to supporting our community partners and the work they do to make their communities a better place. This page will provide you with all the information you need to determine the best volunteer experience for you.

Our Individual Impact Program is an in-depth individualized service experience customized to your skills and interest level. This sort of opportunity will allow you to make a difference while learning about new communities, meeting new people, and honing your skills and experience.

Pick Your Location

New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana

Chicago, Illinois

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

San Diego, California

Miami, Florida

Denver, Colorado

Seattle, Washington

San Juan, Puerto Rico

Pick Your Project Focus

Environmental Sustainability


Neighborhood Revitalization




Capacity Building


Housing & Homelessness

Know Your Budget

Pricing is dependent on the location and the duration of your volunteer experience.

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Services Included

Project Management File Folder Icon

Project Management

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Educational Activities Tickets Icon

Educational Activities


Staffing Person Icon

24/7 Staffing

Food & Meals Hamburger Icon


Pick Your Dates

  • Dependent on the program

  • SSEP & VIP

    • longer and bulleted

  • IVP bulleted sorta not as long

Basic Info & Requirements

This project is dope as fuck and ​x y z basic info: 

  • Basic info

  • Basic info

  • Basic Info

  • Basic Info


This project is dope as fuck and ​x y z requirements: 

  • Requirements

  • Requirements

  • Requirements

  • Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

This project is dope as fuck and ​x y z basic info?

This project is dope as fuck and ​x y z basic info?

This project is dope as fuck and ​x y z basic info?

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