• Teddy Nathan

Spring 2020 Internship Positions

NetWork Volunteers has a variety of part-time and full-time internships available for the Spring of 2020! Check out the different leadership opportunities below.

If interested, please email a resume to Teddy Nathan at teddy@networknola.org

Volunteer Coordination Intern: (2 positions)

Intern will be responsible for working with current volunteer groups. Responsibilities include planning and working directly with volunteer groups, collecting feedback and observational data and customer service, along with community outreach. This puts a strong focus on building relationships and is great for any students interested in running volunteer programs, customer relations or communications.

Marketing/Public Relations Associate: (3 positions)

Intern will be responsible for growing NetWork Volunteer’s presence in the local, national, and international media and online through a variety of activities. Experience with all types of media, website, and SEO is highly-preferred. This includes Google ad-words, blogging, newsletter, website, press events, and digital media as well.

Sales Associate: (2 positions)

Intern will be responsible for direct outreach to and research of potential clients. This includes identifying best potential leads, researching these leads, making phone calls, putting together various communication pieces, etc. Excellent communication skills is a must.

Data Manager: (2 positions)

Intern will be responsible for helping compile, analyze and crunch existing data on our volunteer groups and impact. This includes identifying relevant patterns and compiling reports and findings from the data. Any students interested in economics, business analytics, math or data in general, etc. would be a great fit. Excellent organization and self-motivation skills are a must.

Partnerships Coordinator: (2 positions):

Intern will be responsible for strategically identifying our best community, food, housing, education and transportation partnerships. This requires a heavy emphasis on researching and vetting said partnerships. Any students interested in community outreach, community relations, research, or business would be a great fit. Excellent research and organization skills are a must.

Growth and Expansion Strategist: (3 positions):

Intern will be responsible for looking into a variety of different growth and expansion strategies for the organization. This requires a heavy emphasis on research and budgeting. Any students interested in program management, entrepreneurship and community development would be a great fit. Excellent budgeting and research skills are a must.

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In our work with leaders, organizations, and networks, we have observed that the more we are able to connect to our deepest purpose (the core of who we are, what we are doing and why) and our “source” (knowing we are part of something larger than ourselves) and align with others in that spirit, Through dialogue, reflection, role-playing, strategic planning and presentations, this intensive process challenges participants to analyze the structures of power and privilege that hinder social equity and prepares them to be effective organizers for justice. greater chance we have of transformative energy and action.